WinPE reboot after ‘preparing networking’ (SCCM )

There are a few articles out there regarding reboots after preparing network connections and to add to the list make sure all your content is available. I had the following error:

Content location request for ApplicationModel:ScopeId_1191231226-842B-405D-9185-DC12334d8F0E4/Application_ce9023ad6-fe02-4598-8b35-8de634adassb6b:1 failed. (Code 0x80040102)

I copied (net use & xcopy) the log from c:\smsts\smsts.log to my local hard disk and opened it with cmtrace.exe (Site Server \SMS_001\tools). I then went to my SCCM console -> Software Library -> Task Sequences (choose the TS you are working with)-> References ->  and selected the object ID column to see what Application that was referring to. In the case it was Google Chrome. I needed an upgrade version anyways so after adding the newest version all was well.



Location of SMSTS log during SCCM OSD