Data was dropped due to too much outstanding data in rule “Microsoft.SystemCenter.Agent.MaintenanceMode” running for instance “site-scom.local” with id: in management group “Your Management Group.”

Resolve: If in a single management server environment, take the management server out of maintenance mode.

Never put a management server in maintenance mode:

I am new to SCOM and recently started using ‘maintenance modes’ based on the following article:

My logic while flawed was to put the server in maintenance mode after applying updates and reboot. I left it in maintenance mode to resolve a couple of start up errors but all monitoring ceased. Take the server out of maintenance mode…and all was well…humbling… easy fix.

How to create UEFI bootable USB Media to install Windows Server 2016

It is a long story on why I had to use a USB drive to build a server but if you ever find yourself in that position, this was a great article:

How to create UEFI bootable USB media to install Windows Server 2016

Thanks @p0w3rsh3ll. You are part of a brilliant PowerShell community out there.