Autodesk installation through SCCM 2012 1606 (avoiding Manifest Error 0x80004005)


I had success with:(Maya 2017 (3GB), Inventor 2017 (12GB), even Building Design Suite 2017 (18GB) as an application using “.\Img\Setup.exe /W /q /I Img\MAYA_2017.ini /language en-us” but the Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate (6GB) would fail. That (my understanding) is due to the number of files in those installations and not the size of the installations. I like using applications versus packages because of the requirements and detection methods. So to make it work I created a self extracting archive or a script to zip, copy, and install (credit to the authors below)

cmd C:\PDSU_2017
xcopy PDSU_2017.7z C:\PDSU_2017 /s
7za x C:\PDSU_2017\PDSU_2017.7z
“.\PDSU_2017\Img\Setup.exe” /W /q /I PDSU_2017\Img\PDSU_2017.ini /language en-us
rmdir C:\PDSU_2017 /q /s

Your source directory will have three files, 7za, PDSU_2017.7z (archive of installation files), and PDSU_2017.cmd (the above script). It worked great and I can now move on. 🙂


Detection method:

I look to the registry on a remote computer for the product under the uninstall key. For the Production Design Suite Ultimate I chose Mechanical value ‘AdskPackageName’.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 – English

Set your client cache:



How to add an application:


How to deploy a scripted application installation with SCCM 2012


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