WSUS and Windows Server 2012

WSUS and What I learned:

Sometimes I move too fast through a project. When you are first installing WSUS content will only be downloaded if you approve the update. The first time around I approved all the updates and since I hadn’t chose the products and classifications…well it attempted to download 323 GB of data.

Installing WSUS can be done on Windows 2012 through adding roles. Here are a couple of sites that helped me:

A few of the selections I made:

Productions and Classifications


I chose to stick with drivers though it is generally not recommended because I would still have to approve them. My WSUS content folder ended up being about 50 GB with Office 2013, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, WIndows 7, and WIndows 8 selected. You will want to configure ‘auto approval’ unless you have a great deal of time to manage updates individually.



A couple of other things to remember:


  • Choose your language for the ‘update files and languages’
  • Decide on how you are going to update computers (I decided to use group policy and created the computer groups accordingly.

Everything is up and running now but what a learning experience.




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